Conrad Clarkson

Recruitment Professional & SaaS Revenue Team Builder

Conrad Clarkson is an internationally experienced recruitment professional with a focus and passion for building high-performing and fast-growing SaaS revenue teams.


Conrad Clarkson
Conrad Clarkson
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Conrad Clarkson

Conrad's career has spanned across a variety of global landscapes, including Australia, the UK, Singapore, and South Korea, showcasing his ability to adapt and excel in diverse professional environments. This wide-ranging experience has afforded him a deep knowledge of the tech and recruitment industries, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

Growing up in Sydney, Conrad earned a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Science from the University of Sydney. After University, he went on to teach English in South Korea at Chungdahm Learning, a private student education institution in South Korea with over 130,000 students across more than 200 schools.

After two years of teaching, Conrad began his corporate career as a recruitment consultant at GQR Sydney, a global talent acquisition and advisory firm specialising in the Banking & Finance, Technology, Healthcare and Life Sciences sectors. In 2017, Conrad moved to Singapore and joined A.S.K, an executive talent acquisition company for the Technology and Enterprise Software sectors across the Asia-Pacific and EMEA regions. As Country Manager, Conrad managed a team of 360 recruiters with the goal of acquiring global and regional leaders for start-up and disruptive tech companies and scaling their ASEAN revenue teams.

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Recruitment Professional

With a dynamic career spanning roles in recruitment, leadership, and education across diverse industries and global locations, Conrad's professional experience reflects a pursuit of excellence and a passion for driving success.

Country Manager - Singapore

01/2023 - 12/2023 • Singapore
  • Led the A.S.K Singapore Business, overseeing the PnL of the Singapore office.
  • Collaborated with Global and Regional Leadership of start-up and disruptive tech companies to launch and scale their ASEAN revenue teams.
  • Specialised in building Sales Leadership, Disruptive Sales, Technical Sales, and Marketing teams across APJ.
  • Recruited and onboarded 3 Executive Search Consultants.
  • Led and Developed a small team of Resourcers & 360 recruiters across ASEAN + India.
  • Successfully executed both retained and contingent VP level roles across APJ for leading SaaS companies.

Director - Singapore

02/2020 - 01/2023 • Singapore
  • Specialised in building teams for Start-ups, new market entrants, and fast-growing leaders in technology across APJ.
  • Carried a 360 recruitment quota while also assisting in onboarding, developing, and leading junior resourcers.
  • Achieved 105% of Quota in FY '20, 160% of Quota in FY '21, and 120% of Quota in FY '22.
  • Led A.S.K Singapore Office to a record-breaking year in 2021.
  • Successfully placed C-suite executives at a leading e-commerce platform in Malaysia in Q4 2021.

Senior Consultant

A.S.K Solutions
2017 - 2020 • Singapore
  • Facilitated connections between the fastest-growing Enterprise Tech companies and top GTM talent in ASEAN.
  • Transitioned from a resourcer role to a 360 Recruitment role.
  • Helped shift business focus towards providing advisory for tech firms entering the Asia Pacific Market.
  • Achieved 100+% of Quota in 2018 and 2019.
  • Made 22 placements in 2018.


06/2016 - 07/2017 • Sydney
  • Part of the founding team of the new Sydney office, specialising in talent acquisition and advisory.
  • Established relationships from scratch for both the Accounting/Finance and Investment Banking Desks.
  • Made 3 placements in the first 5 months with no existing relationships, totalling over $100K+.
  • Achieved Presidents Club status in 2016.


Chungdahm Learning
2015 - 2016 • Seoul, South Korea
  • Taught English to students aged 11-17 at a private student education company.
  • Awarded best teacher feedback and highest student results in 2017.
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Key Skills

Conrad's career combines professional excellence in sales and recruitment with a deep understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures and global business practices.

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A recruitment professional with a strong emphasis on sales, Conrad's skill involves not only selling the company to potential candidates but also understanding the intricacies of SaaS solutions to effectively communicate their value propositions.

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Team Management

Conrad's is highly proficient at building and mentoring recruitment teams, setting performance expectations, and fostering a collaborative and results-driven culture that ensures his teams are as adaptable and dynamic as the SaaS industry itself.


With an expertise in tailoring communication strategies to convey complex technical concepts to a diverse audience, Conrad excels at building strong relationships with both candidates and hiring teams.